Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pictures of the House at Manzanita

Here is the cute little entryway looking out on Laneda Ave. There were 3 bouquets of roses when we arrived. One in the entryway, one in the kitchen, and one in the living room! Don't know if they always do that or if it was because we rented for a week, or if it was because the next day was Easter.

Here is the view from the entryway onto Laneda Ave. Even though we were next to a busy road, it wasn't noisy. The speed limit is slow through the city and there were bushes blocking us from the street. We also live on a busy road, so maybe we were just used to it.

Here is the kitchen, It is large with a microwave, stove, fridge, dishwasher, 4 coffee pots & a coffee grinder, a toaster, lots and lots of pots/pans/utensils/glasses/plates/bowls. We brought that little step stool for our granddaughter to reach the bathroom sinks, but there were little step stools in each bathroom. Very well equipped for a family! We can easily have two people sitting at the table in the kitchen with our computers.

View from the Kitchen into the Living Room. Front door is the on on the left across from the staircase. It leads to that cute little round entryway.

Shots of the L-Shaped Living Room. There is a game table that can be used as a desk. There were lots of magazines, books, games, puzzles, kid's toys on the shelf beside the game table. There are 2 reclining chairs and a love seat with both sides reclining beside the TV. There are two entries to the living room. One to the kitchen and one to the entry/front door/stairs.

There are 4 bedrooms.

Downstairs there is a bedroom with a queen-sized bed.

Upstairs there are 3 bedrooms.

#1 - Large bedroom with 1 queen-sized bed & 1 double-sized bed. This room has a table in it that could be used as a desk.

Bedroom #2 has a double-sized bed. I didn't get a picture of it, but it looks very much like the bedroom on the main floor.

Bedroom #3 has 2 twin-sized beds.

There is a washer & dryer upstairs with the 3 bedrooms.

There is a brick patio and wooden deck in the backyard.

I didn't get pictures of the bathrooms. There are 2 - one upstairs with a shower and one downstairs with a tub/shower.

There are 3 tables we can use as desks:  1 dining room table, 1 game table in living room, one in large bedroom upstairs. There was also a nice-looking card table in one of the closets.

There were portable fans - big and small in the bedrooms.

Wifi worked great.

There is a TV & DVD Player.

We are at the upper end of downtown. About a 6-block walk to the beach - downhill going to beach, uphill coming back (but lots of benches outside businesses to stop along the way :)

There is a couple living in the basement year round. We didn't hear anything from them. There is an apartment over the garage. Our two parking spaces were right next to the rock wall outside our front door. There is lots of street parking and we mainly parked there so we could get out of the car easily.

Here is the link to the house at the rental agency.